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How Far in Advance Should You Plan a Move?

It is advisable to start your planning at least 2 months in advance to give yourself time to declutter, arrange for a removal company, and pack. Very early on, go round your home from “head to toe” and find those items that you no longer need. Take those that cannot be reused to your local tip.

Sell those that are good or get a local charity organisation (E.G. British Heart Foundation) to collect them for free. Decluttering may significantly reduce the price you pay for your removal. Create a checklist of what you need to do and tick off tasks as you do them or use our checklist.

House Move

What To Look for When Hiring a Moving Company?

Using a service a friend or family member has used and recommended is the best way in deciding which company to choose. If not, customer reviews together with what a company says they can offer is a good start. Select a handful of companies based on this. Contact these companies and book a survey with every one of them. Make sure you discuss your requirement with them and find out what they can offer. Once you’ve received all the quotations, make your choice based on competitiveness, friendliness, or standard of service.

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House Move


We will do the packing for you but if you choose to do it yourself, do so appropriately and ensure fragile items are securely packed. Order your packing material or get the removal company to deliver them. It is advisable to get your material from a removal company because you won’t have the problem of buying too much material as you will only be charged for what you use. We deliver and collect excess material free of charge.

Alternatively, go to your local supermarket and collect some free boxes, but be sure to secure them properly with sellotape and be sure to pack various items in the right box sizes. Pack heavy goods like books, plates, and other large glasses in the small to medium size boxes. Pots, plastic bowls, and light goods should go in the large to extra-large boxes. Put clothes, beddings, and cushions in the largest size boxes as these don’t weigh much.

Put small picture frames in boxes facing each other in pairs, if some are too tall, don’t worry, leave the box open and run a sellotape round the flaps. Secure the bottom of all boxes properly, the bottom of heavy boxes should be taped up in a crossed manner.

Make sure your boxes are properly labelled for easy identification later.