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We often get asked the same questions lots of times from out customers, so take a look at our FAQ to get fast and easy answers. If your question still needs answering, feel free to contact us.

It’s easy, just give us a call or send us a message to arrange for a free home survey.

No, you can get a quote without a survey, just provide us with as much information as
possible. Information such as amount and type of items, house type, number of floors,
and any unusual access.

Our insurance is in grades, a standard insurance which comes with our quote and an
extended insurance for full cover which we require a small fee.

We will provisionally book your move but it would not stop us booking another job.
However, we will notify you before a job is accepted.

We make sure carpets are well protected always.

We have padded covers and bags to provide maximum protection to sofas, tables, TVs,
monitors, chairs, mattresses, pictures and more. We also make sure those that are not
put in bags are covered with blankets and tied down whilst in transit.

It depends on many things, size of the house, access condition, if you are buying your
new home, when you are allowed to move in by the agents, how much stuff you have

However, on average, it takes:

  • 4 hours to move a one bedroomed home,
  • 6 hours to move a two-bedroomed home,
  • 8 hours to move a three-bedroomed home,
  • 9 hours to move a four-bedroomed home.

For safe handling, drawers in large furniture must be emptied. Drawers in smaller
furniture can be left in but shrink wrapped.

We advise two weeks but if we are free, we would not hesitate to accept a job.

We collect payment immediately after job completion either by cash or instant bank
transfer. You can also pay using our card machine but you may incur a fee.

To avoid tricky access conditions, we now only use Luton vans. However, we make
sure sufficient amount of vans is allocated for one trip move.

The distance between properties that are within 10 miles has little effect on the time it
takes to move a house. So therefore, you may be charged the same moving down the
road as someone moving 10 miles away. Safe loading and unloading the vans are the
main time-consuming aspects.

We provide complete removal from anywhere (except lofts) in the current house to
anywhere in the new house. We do not require any help with lifting from our customers.

Waiting time is the time between when the team arrives at the new house and when you
are allowed the keys.

The quote you are provided with is for the time it takes to complete the move without the
waiting time.

No. We take care of most things, but that’s something you’ll have to sort out yourself
before moving day.

It depends entirely on your preferences. We can carry out a full pack or a breakables-
only pack. Or, you can pack by yourself.